Sunday, 16 May 2010

Grundl Fandango Yarn

Hi there it has been a while ... This is what i am hoping to knit next should be interesting if i can get it right

.Ruffle Scarf knitted on 6mm needlesRuffle Scarf knitted on 6mm needles
How to knit with Flamenco.
Start by pulling open the curled fabric by hand. The right side of the fabric is with it curling towards you. Always have this side facing you. Casting on couldn't be easier, just push your needle through the fabric once every 2 to 3 cm along about ( 0.5cm from the top edge of the fabric) until you have 14 loops on your needle. To knit push your right needle through the same hole in the mesh as the cast on stitch but instead of wrapping the yarn around the needle to knit you put the needle through the next length of mesh (again 0.5cm from the edge) and pull the stitch through. It sounds hard but it is very easy once you get going. You knit into the mesh every few cm along until the scarf is the desired length. 3 balls makes a good long adult scarf. 2 balls is enough for a thin boa style scarf or child's length scarf. You can vary the needle size and how close together you knit your stitches to make an intensely frilly or more gentle wavy piece of knitting. As well as scarves this makes a great evening wrap, or frill edging for hems, cuffs, handbags...

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