Friday, 30 October 2009

Trying to knit a sock still

Well this is it so far my sock (don't laugh) I am determined to finish a pair of socks by Christmas . When I first started to learn to knit socks on 4 pins oh I found it very FOOTERY (get it) to the point it put me off. So it was suggested to me by Joan to knit on 2 circular needles which i done and hey presto I whizzed along and in no time i reached the length I wanted. Now the head ache is back we have GUSSETS , HEELS ohhh what next ....Well I'VE reached as far as the heel and am about to turn it now after that im flummoxed... So anyone feel free to correct me here I'm now thinking of transferring the sock back onto the 4 pins reason been my mother-in-law can help me from there as she has never knitted with circular needles .... I will get there in the end I hope... But you never know ma bey Santa will bring me a pair .

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      1. Just you bring to First Fruits Tearoom on wed night at 7.30 and we shall get you to get the heel and gusset knitted up, no problem.....remember no time has changed and so has venue